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Mobile speed measurement system.

The well-known and proven ProViDa 2000 Modular video tracking system has a successor: the new VNS 1000 speed measurement system.

With the completely digitalised speed measurement system VNS 1000, we have taken the proven features of the ProViDa 2000 and developed them further on a new and modern platform. The system is designed for installation in cars and motorbikes.

The modern technology allows the addition of fundamental new features to the proven functionalities.

Great importance was attached to the fact that trained ProViDa users will immediately find their way around the new system and that operation is intuitive.



Digital cameras with full HD resolution, time stamp-based image documentation with standardised interface and high dynamic range


Digital recording on exchangeable SD card with 256GB, 512GB and in future also 1TB memory


Video material is recorded directly as raw data from the cameras and compressed without loss (visual lossless).


GPS connection for detailed location information


Signing of all data for use in court


Travel pulse pick-up independent of vehicle manufacturer


Simplified evaluation and archiving via new evaluation system


Interface to further evaluation methods


Preparation for an LTE or WLAN module

Speed measurement system VNS 1000
  • Complete new development of the speed measurement system VNS 1000
  • Future-oriented and powerful FPGA-based platform
  • Recording unit integrated in the main module
  • Hardware can be extended as required by means of a plug-in system
  • Upgradeable module for data signing according to BSI requirements
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Compact design, also suitable for motorbike installation
  • All plug connections can be secured under a centrally mounted cover and sealed in one place
  • No mechanical stress at the sealing mark
  • Sophisticated cooling concept for any installation position and location
  • Redundant fan system for long-term system stability
  • Digital cameras with full HD resolution
  • Standard camera (small and powerful) with interchangeable lens to suit conditions of use
  • Zoom camera with 30x optical zoom function individually adaptable to conditions of use
  • High dynamic range
  • High-performance images in backlit conditions, tunnel exits and rain
  • Time-stamp based image documentation
  • Real-time image synchronisation
  • accuracy in the nanosecond range
  • Standardised interface of camera connection (technology from industry)
  • Power supply and data transmission via common cable

Removable media up to 1TB

  • Technology with decades of experience
  • Digital recording on exchangeable Secure Digital Memory Card as storage medium
  • Industrial high-performance memory cards in long-term proven technology
  • Good price-performance ratio compared to SSD hard disks
  • Constantly increasing storage capacity (currently 1TB) available
  • Easy integration into the main module
  • Integrated standard interface in the evaluation station
  • Video material is recorded directly and losslessly compressed as a raw data stream from the cameras as individual images
  • Decoding of the data only takes place in the authorised evaluation station
  • Digital signing of the recorded data for legal use in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).
  • Signature by cryptological hash functions SHA-512
  • RSA encryption by external Trusted Platform Module using elliptic curves (ECDSA) with 2048 bits according to BSI requirements
  • Protected internal key generation RSA-2048 on Trusted Platform Module (adaptable in case of changes in the requirements profile of the BSI)
  • Signing of each individual image, so that each image can be made available for plausibility checks
  • Guarantee of data integrity and data authenticity
  • Signature checks that can be used in court are possible at any time
  • Proven recording modes AUTO1, AUTO2, SPLIT, MAN from ProViDa 2000 Modular
  • Alternatively, recording without measuring modes is possible
  • New view with revised overlays
  • Calibration sizes are clearly distinguished from auxiliary sizes
  • Font size adjustable for different monitors

AUTO 1 operating mode

  • Speed calculation with stationary vehicle by
    time measurement at preset distance

AUTO 2 operating mode

  • Speed measurement while driving through synchronous
    time and distance measurement

Speed measurement during the journey by separate time and distance measurement.

1. start the time measurement when the offence vehicle has reached the first marker. (Synchronous time and distance measurement is also possible). 2.

2. start the distance measurement as soon as the vehicle has reached the first marker.

3. stop the time measurement when the offence vehicle has reached the second marker

4. stop the distance measurement as soon as the vehicle has reached the second marker.

  • Simplified evaluation and archiving via new evaluation system
  • User-friendly operation
  • Subsequent measurement value formation by means of time and distance calculations from individual images possible
  • Creation of a digital court file (MPEG videos and PDFs of any individual images and calculations)
  • Archiving of case files incl. raw data on Blu-ray or network drives
  • The correct determination of the vehicle's own speed according to calibration regulations is decisive for a suitable carrier vehicle.
  • The new distance pulse pick-up (WA12) is independent of the vehicle manufacturer and without connection to the vehicle CAN bus.
  • The WA12 has been tested in practice and is already successfully in use in taxis with PTB type examination certificate.
  • A further tyre-independent travel pulse pick-off is under development.

Suitable for all vehicle types and motorbikes available today

  • Main module with integrated recording unit (no need for a bulky video recorder) Connection option for:
  • up to two full HD cameras (front and rear) with zoom function or fixed focal length lens
  • two monitors with full HD resolution (vehicle monitor and additional monitor)
  • up to two control units
  • Path pulse generator (independent of vehicle manufacturer)

System overview